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How we do it

After IECD has received an expression of interest from an individual, it matches the information of the intending visitor with some of the members in that cultural/geography areas who are interested in taking on a visitor. Steps are then taken to find out who among the members qualifies to host the intending visitor based on information provided by the intending visitor. Personal data of the intending visitor and the potential host is exchanged between the two.  Regular communication is done to ensure that the intending visitor and the potential host are updated on visit progresses. When consensus is reached between the intending visitor and the host, the intending host is then officially invited for the visit, specifying terms of the visit.

On arrival, the intending visitor reports to IECD office which after verifying information identity of the visitor, hands him/her to his /her host. At the end visitor and the hostess are expected to write a   report (not less than 2 pages, indicating gains and challenges of such interaction), the visitor must sign forms at IECD offices before he/she visitor leaves back home. This program is only limited to individuals above 18years of age


  1. The intending visitor must be registered as a member of IECD before proceeding to apply for this program. click here to register as a member
  2. The intending visitor must be able to properly identify him/her self.
  • The intending visitor must provide legal documents that show his/ her citizenship and any other related information.
  1. The intending visitor must be an individual above 18 years of age. Except students
  2. The intending visitor must not have involved in serious crimes before in home area /country
  3. The intending visitor must be able to adjust to cultures/ behaviors / authority that govern the particular area/region in which he/ she intends to visit.
  • IECD will not financially / materially assist either the visitor  or the host during the entire visit
  • This program is currently available to Ugandans and foreigners wishing to learn about Ugandan cultures
  1. Students/or individuals on research or other academic purpose must be recommended by their institutions.
  2. IECD reserves the right to admit any individual to this program or terminate the visit prematurely  in case the visitor engages in activities contrary to objectives of the organization

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