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About the Learning Journey
Have you ever noticed how people use strikingly different words when talking about their travels? They take a trip or go on a vacation…but they prepare for a journey. Why the distinction? Well, a journey often denotes more than simply going from one place to another – it invokes a sense of personally meaningful change or enlightenment; that you will return somehow different from when you left. Learning journeys is a both local and international program under Social Harmony. In build and strengthening the culture of peace, we need to diffuse hatred and prejudice through encouragement, expanding horizons and to challenge ourselves to discover the oneness of life and the interdependence of beings through adventure visits, sharing , learning  and appreciating the uniqueness and endowments of each cultural heritage or geographical place. Read more


    1. This program is open to both individuals and groups from all walks of life

    2. The organization will not assume any other extra personal, financial or any special responsibilities over individuals except those initially paid for as indicated in tour contract.

    3. Although IECD does not control individual behaviors of participants and the actions of such interaction, it wills not tolerate behavioral conducts that contradict the moral principles of the organization.

    4. The organizer reserves the right of admission.

    Vote for a cultural and tourist destination of choice
    Note: This program is at present only arranged in the East African region which includes Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. Any area chosen outside these countries will not be taken into consideration.


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