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Environmental Conservation

Priority Goal: To enhance the functional and responsible management of the environment.

environment conservationA variety of current environmental challenges such as depleting water sources, shrinking forest covers, and disappearing species, rooted in a disregard for the environment, can be addressed by positive practices embedded in indigenous cultures that value a balance between natural and human worlds.

IECD is committed to significant and demonstrable progress towards the goal of sustainable development, through reducing negative impacts on the environment, enhancing resilience to environmental pressures, and achieving a more efficient and responsible use of natural resources in Uganda. We assert that Community Development is about the active involvement of people in the issues which affect their lives. It is a process based on the sharing of power, skills, knowledge and experience. Values and beliefs shape the relationship of a people to their natural environment and the ways they manage and impact it. Cultural values, local knowledge, and traditional practices of environmental management can be valuable resources towards achieving ecological stability and sustainability.

IECD is focused at ending a vicious cycle of unsustainable pressure on life-supporting ecosystems and a progressively deteriorating state of population health.


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