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Education and Social Harmony

The priority Goal under IECD’s Core Priority Area 2 is to promote skills acquisition and social harmony for sustainable development.

Social Harmony

social harmonyTo live in a society free of the threat of violence remains not only Uganda’s greatest challenge but the world.  Through history there have been many conflicts leading to wars. Conflict exists everywhere; in homes, schools and communities. Much of the violence in our society stems from an oppressive social system of power that reinforces differences between individuals / groups of diverse interests. Traditional peace is fragile and unstable, fraught with poverty and socio-political conflict. Global developments demand new culture of social cohesion, and enabling sustainable peace, ending social origins of conflict and poverty, and gradually removing the social disharmony produced in all societies.

Social cohesion is therefore, an integrative value in a global society, which unites in itself love, peace, justice, freedom, equality, brotherhood, cooperation, nonviolence, tolerance, humanism as a common values for all cultures of the world. In an effort to strengthen the culture of peace and social cohesion, IECD labours to diffuse hatred and prejudice through encouragement, expanding horizons through research and education; to challenging cultures to discover the oneness of life and the interdependence of beings.

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