Integrated Efforts in Culture for Development (IECD) is a duly registered Non-Governmental Organisation with the Government of the Republic of Uganda. Its registration number is S.5914/7410. It was established in 2007 as an Indigenous cultural advocacy organisation that is not for profit, non-religious and non-partisan. Its main focus is to transform the lives of children and youths. IECD believes that cultural identity is unique and irreplaceable, thus it places the responsibility of preserving, promoting, developing and defending indigenous cultural values especially those that enhance sustainable development on the current generation.

IECD seeks to nurture the valued aspect of indigenous culture and creativity, from tangible and intangible heritage through diverse cultural expressions. This process involves eliminating the illicit trafficking of cultural goods and investing in the conservation of cultural assets, traditional knowledge and skills. In addition we appreciate the revolving periods of adaptation to the environment and the social capital of communities.

To date IECD has grown to become an institution that promotes sustainable Culture in Development through stimulating local investment, safeguarding indigenous culture as well as creatively intertwine indigenous cultural expressions, and diversities with modern development.

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