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Cultural Exchange Visits

Cultural exchange visits are valuable ways for any individual especially for young people, provides the social foundation for a new culture of social harmony, hence enabling sustainable peace capable of ending social origins of conflict, poverty, and social problems, gradually removing social disharmony produced in all societies.

Social harmony is changed into an integrative value in a global society, which unites in itself love, peace, justice, freedom, equality, brotherhood, cooperation, nonviolence, tolerance, humanism and other universal values. Present global age requires enhancement and strengthening of peace.

The program which is under social harmony, facilitate individuals from within and without to learn about cultures of Uganda and also helps other citizens of the world  to learn and understand other cultures within Ugandan and without. Under this program individuals who wish to learn about other cultures are linked to members who wish to accommodate them in the specific geographical or culture interests of the applicant. Cultural exchange visits facilitate learning, sharing and appreciation of social difference that make cultures and people unique from each other and common values that make for all cultures a psychic unit. This program is enabled through our membership.

The purpose of this program is to increase learning, understanding appreciation, and to share cultural experience among people from diverse cultures and assists people who wish to learn about other cultures to do it freely.

Cultural Exchange Visits

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